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Is it better to start with Human Resource Machine, or does this game stand alone?

Both games take place in the same universe, but each have their own language and puzzles.


I’m interested in to know more about this game, i have programming skill about more than 9 years but never did a game. If you don’t mind I would ask you what is the tools/framework that you used in order to make this game? MonoGame? XNA? 

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Jonathan Fontes


C++! Everything is done in our own engine.

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i want that but thats worth 40 days of my daily living money but still its worth it, YOU must buy this!

You make 47 cents a day??

im sorry...  thanks for telling me.... you will spent around 2.5 dollar for your survival here (thats if you eat the cheapest food everyday and only drink water) so thats worth 6 days :D

I have this game on my Nintendo Switch!


So it's Human Resource Machine but with multi-threading ?

Pretty much, but it also has a bigger story.